The conception, planning, construction, and long-term smooth operation of systems based on geothermal energy use require the close interlinking of state-of-the-art energy- and water-engineering know-how and high-level geological-geotechnological expertise. We are able to assemble such interdisciplinary teams under one roof.


Geology and Geochemistry

Any geothermal project is based on geological exploration. Our team of experienced geologists forms an important pillar of our success. You receive a direct expertise at the top scientific and research level through our intensive work on all ordered measures.
Head: Dr. rer. nat. Markus Wolfgramm

Drilling Engineering

We plan the development of the target horizons by drilling accompanying it actively in-situ, drawing upon decades of experience gathered in by now more than 50 drilling projects at home and abroad.
Head: Dipl.-Ing. Frank Hoffmann

Reservoir Engineering & Simulation
The analysis or prognosis of the hydraulic and thermal processes going on in the reservoirs and wells during geothermal exploitation makes the design of your overall concept complete through the interlinking of the determination of the geological potential and the variant chosen for the energetic utilization.
Head: Dr. rer. nat. Johannes Birner

Energy and Water Engineering

Our broadly positioned team of engineers assists and supports you in the conceptual design, planning, tendering, supervision of construction and optimization of your surface systems.
Head: Dipl.-Ing. Gerd-Uwe Möllmann

Head: Dipl.-Ing. oec. Evelin Ordowski