More project examples:

Solar Heat Supply to the HELIOS Residential Complex at Rostock-Brinckmanshöhe

Solar collectors delivering 400 MWh of solar heat in summer are installed on 11 individual roofs of the building.

Reichstag Building and Integrated Energy Supply System of the Parliament Buildings in Berlin

The Parliament buildings in the Berlin Spree river curve incl. the Reichstag building covering a total floor area of approx. 240,000 m² are equipped with heating and cooling installations at the following temperature levels:

Solar and Geothermal Energy Use in the NABU Information Center

The BLUMBERGER MÜHLE Information Center of the Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V. was established in the Schorfheide-Chorin biosphere reserve in 1997. It is characterized by an innovative, primary energy-saving heat supply system for space heating and the preparation of sanitary hot water (SHW).

Aquifer Thermal Energy Store (ATES) for a Gas and Steam Turbine Cogeneration Plant Neubrandenburg

Efforts aiming at minimizing the primary energy use through the coupling of different processes of energy transformation (e.g., cogeneration of heat and power) are often hindered by the seasonal discrepancy of energy offer and energy demand.