Development of Geothermal Reservoirs

We plan the technical development of the target horizons for you and accompany the drilling work under technical and geological aspects being able to draw on decades of experience gathered in more than 50 geothermal drilling projects (shallow and deep wells) at home and abroad.

  • Optimized drilling path design for all project phases
  • Detailed casing design based on API and W.E.G.
  • Development of specific well head designs for geothermal systems
  • Tendering and evaluation of classic and innovative drilling techniques
  • Quality and cost management through supervision of the drilling work
  • Client representation (appointment of a „Drilling Supervisor")
  • Geological supervision of the drilling work (appointment of a „Well Site Geologist")
  • Servicing and supervision of hydraulic tests
  • Recognition and implementation of required workover measures
  • Support of the Client in controlling damages
  • Technical concepts for the re-installation / re-use of old wells
  • Planning of the de-installation and plugging of old wells in compliance with the Federal Mining Code (BBergG)