Monitoring of Geothermal Systems

Methodology and contents of the monitoring programs could be developed within the framework of numerous research projects in geothermal systems in a way which enables us to offer complex surveillance solutions for the operator.

Our long-standing experience shows that the targeted monitoring of geothermal systems can contribute essentially to operational safety.

  • Geochemical monitoring of the thermal water, the gases and particle loads in the thermal water flow
  • Identification, characterization and evaluation of scaling and corrosion in wells and geothermal systems
  • Prompt elimination of incurred faults in the system operation (draw-up of a set of measures, e.g., in the case of decreasing injectivity, occurrence of microbial activity)
  • Model-aided long-term monitoring of the reservoir and hydraulic conditions in the wells (productivity, injectivity)
  • Monitoring of the operation of geothermal systems in order to optimize the control algorithms, improvement of the energy balance and adaptation of construction and consumable materials, equipment and design of the circuits to the actual operation