Permits / Approvals

We assist you with the compilation of the application documents for necessary permits / approvals duly considering the different requirements of the individual state and municipal authorities. Take advantage of our contacts to authorities established in successful licensing procedures at more than 40 sites in the three main geothermal regions of Germany!

  • Exploration permits for geothermal permit areas (Federal Mining Code - BBergG)
  • Application documents for the mining permit (among others, field dimensioning based on numerical models)
  • Basic and special schedules of operation
  • Applications under the Federal Water Act (WHG) for the drilling and test phases
  • Project-accompanying coordination of any licensing procedures with the mining authorities
  • High-level applications under the Federal Water Act (WHG) for the continuous operation of geothermal systems
  • Provision of the geological and drilling-engineering documents for the plots of the geothermal reservoirs under the Federal Mine Planning Act (MarkschBergV)
  • Cooperation in the preparation and accompanying of the licensing procedures to obtain the approval for the construction of the surface buildings and systems
  • Licensing procedures under the Federal Immission Control Act (BImschG)