Preliminary Geoscientific Exploration

The preliminary geological exploration forms the basis of each geothermal project. Our team of experienced geologists is an important pillar of our success.

  • Enquiry and evaluation of the existing database
  • Feasibility studies as for geothermal energy recovery and material use of thermal waters
  • Reprocessing of existing seismic data and interpretation as for the geological structures / facies
  • Planning and support of 2D and 3D reflection-seismic investigations for 3D structural and facial modeling 
  • Optimized exploration by means of additional geophysical methods
  • Parameterization of the geothermal reservoir rocks through analyses in our own rock laboratory
  • Geochemical analyses (RFA, XRD, SEM-EDX) as for the characterization of reservoir rocks, scales, etc.
  • Mineralogical investigation (cathodoluminescence, scanning electron microscopy (SEM), polarization and reflected light microscopy) into facies, diagenesis, scaling, etc.)
  • Geochemical modeling as the basis of the design of the surface system components