Reservoir Engineering

Our long-standing experience in the development of projects and research enables us to offer you a solution from a wide range of analytical and numerical methods which is adapted to your concrete requirement in order to support you with the necessary databases and prognoses for reservoir and well in the different phases of your project – from the initial evaluation of the geothermal potential up to the reservoir monitoring during the operation of the geothermal plant.

  • Planning and evaluation of hydraulic tests in deep reservoirs
  • Optimized site selection for geothermal wells based on 3D numerical flow and heat transfer models
  • Issuing of a heat mining expertise for the licensing procedure under the Mining Code
  • Aquifer thermal energy stores (ATES): Dimensioning and long-term prognosis of the reservoir behavior
  • Hydrothermal doublet: Dimensioning and long-term prognosis of the pressure and temperature behaviors
  • Enhanced Geothermal System (EGS) concepts: EGS dimensioning and long-term prognosis of the heat recovery from stimulated geothermal systems
  • Deep borehole heat exchangers (BHE): Long-term prognosis of the heat extraction rate of expansion and consumer options
  • Dimensioning of BHE fields and energy pile arrays
  • Dimensioning of the heat source to groundwater-coupled heat pump systems
  • Expert opinions for licensing procedures under the Water Act